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Without going into technical explanations which are available on any internet page, we are going to talk about applications for the use of osmosed water.




Water of the quality necessary for the hotel and industrial processes to be economically, energetically and organoleptically optimal (with the best possible taste, smell and colour). As not all the equipment and processes where water is used are the same, we can adjust the quality of the water individually, by point of consumption, depending on whether a steam oven, a glass washer, an ice bucket, a coffee maker, etc. is being fed.

Not all points require water purified by reverse osmosis nor will they be amortisable, depending on many factors (quality of water to be treated, perception of hotel/industrial quality, energy consumption, etc.). Only accumulated experience allows us to recommend the optimal points of feeding with osmosed water to produce savings and improvement of water quality worthy of the investment.


Most of the time (except with some very saline mains or well waters) reverse osmosis water is used for drinking/cooking with a separate or 3-way tap in the kitchen sink. If you have an American style refrigerator, we also recommend connecting it with reverse osmosis water.

With water purified by reverse osmosis we get a very low (in most cases) or low (in the rest of the cases) mineralisation, ideal for drinking, cooking, feeding bottles, watering delicate plants, fish tanks, etc.

If the client or the situation requires it, we have equipment with ultraviolet lamps, remineralisation of the osmosed water, periodic sanitization, etc. so that the equipment is adapted to each client, and not the client to the equipment.


The water purification process using an ion exchange descaler is less thorough than that of reverse osmosis. It is designed for those uses and processes where it is sufficient to remove limescale from water (basically calcium and magnesium), to obtain a great improvement in the water with respect to limescale or where the consumption is too high to install and amortise reverse osmosis system.


Decalcified water for general cold water and sanitary hot water, laundry, dishwashing machines (except rinsing), machinery with high water consumption, such as pre-filtration for reverse osmosis equipment, etc. With decalcified water we obtain a lower consumption of soaps and detergents, brighteners, longer duration of the crockery, longer duration and better results in the washing of clothes (towels, sheets, etc.), heating elements, heat exchangers and pipes without limescale blockages (saving on maintenance times, breakdowns, chemical products, etc.).


Installed in the general inlet of the house, the decalcified water is, most of the time, ideal for all uses (except for drinking and irrigation), being able to protect from blockages, breakdowns and stains caused by limescale in heaters, dishwashers, taps, sinks, metal and glazed surfaces; and obtaining less consumption of soaps and detergents, softer clothes, skin without itchiness, softer and silkier hair, etc.


This is a galvanic water treatment system for the protection of your water pipes against corrosion and limescale incrustation.

It is an alternative to the traditional salt softener, when for technical reasons or customer taste it is not possible to install an individual salt softener. Industrial and Domestic Division


Galvanic water treatment system for the protection of your water pipes against corrosion and limescale incrustation.

  • Heat exchangers
  • Water cooling pipes
  • Cooling systems
  • Refrigeration plants
  • Centrifugal or vacuum pumps
  • Autoclaves
  • Water heaters
  • Cooling by compressors
  • Other water pipes (drinking water pipes, etc.)

Domestic use

  • Pipes for water fit for human consumption
  • Water heating systems

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